"I want to share with you information about the Avé Spa and specifically a broadband light treatment called a BBL.  My name is Phyllis Conner and I have lived in Siouxland all my life and I love going to Avé Spa, which I have been doing since 2013. I had my first BBL in 2014 and decided to have the treatment to get rid of sunspots (or maybe they were age spots) and a few freckles.  The results were dramatic not only in terms of sports and freckles but so much more.  It has eliminated signs of my rosacea and spider veins on my face.  The BBL also has been shown to slow the aging process and keep skin more even, tighter, glowing, reduces pore size and lines.  It has improved the texture of my skin too.  I understand that it can also help with acne problems.  I am retired now but when I was working, I never worried about "downtime" after having a BBL...it is noninvasive.  I have friends and family that also go to Avé Spa for BBL treatments and have had a good experience.  Avé helps us keep our skin looking younger and healthier!"

 Such a wonderful place!  From the comforting feel they provide when you walk in the doors, to their knowledge and expertise!  Ave Medical Spa has been life-changing for me.  Thanks, Deb & Team! 

Can't say enough positive things about Ave and their staff! They're all great and super professional! Recommend them all the time! Liz is fantastic!

Absolutely ❤️Ave’!!Very friendly,knowledge &concerned staff.Always made to feel welcome,and anxious to hear about all the new and innovative procedures they continue to make availableGoing in next wk for a new laser treatment,can’t wait!! 

Ave has great technology, a clean and relaxing atmosphere, & I absolutely love the staff here. They truly care about what is best for you and making sure you feel comfortable. Everyone listens and addresses any concerns or questions you might have. The best thing is it's not a sales pitch to get you to spend more $$'s. They don't point out all your flaws saying you should get this or that fixed. It's simply how do you want Ave to help you and they give you options from there. Oh Yeah and the Best Facials Ever!!! 

The staff at Avé are super helpful and informative. I live in Sioux Falls and they are just a phone call away when I'm in need of something. I highly recommend them, especially for the HCG program. Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.


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