Suspend Aging with Stackable Procedures

Stackable Procedures Can Suspend The Aging Process Without Surgery

Ave’ Medical Laser Spa is proud to introduce our new:
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  • 2-3 BBL Treatments
  • 1 Halo treatment
  • 6 Silk Peels
Benefit of the Silk Peels:
The Dermal-infusion provided by a silk peel is a process of using an abrasive tip to remove the top micro-layers of the skin and at the same time infuse an active ingredient deep into the skin tissue for results.  This is a procedure done by an aesthetician and is popular with movie stars before red carpet events or before a special occasion.  Different products can be infused depending on the skin problem: acne and breakouts, dull and dry skin, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. The silk proteins that are used bind to the keratin and give the skin a very soft smooth velvety feel as well as a hydrated glow.
Benefit of the Halo:
The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser can treat a variety of skin concerns ranging from mild to severe, providing deep dermal rejuvenation and epidermal renewal. It offers a fully customizable treatment option for patients with a variety of skin concerns without the downtime.
  • Visible signs of aging. The ablative wavelengths of the laser are well-suited to providing more dramatic treatment for wrinkles and furrows of the face. For age spots or uneven skin tone, non-ablative wavelengths simultaneously offer visible improvement with little-to-no downtime
  • Sun damage. Halo diminishes the appearance of sun spots, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, in addition to reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Scarring. Acne, chickenpox, and miscellaneous scars can leave you feeling self conscious. Halo can visibly reduce the appearance of scars and leave your skin smooth and soft.
Benefit of the BBL (Broad Band Light)
Not only is BroadBand Light a simple treatment method, it will dramatically improve the texture and appearance of your skin. By stimulating new skin cell growth, BBL is restoring your skin to its natural color and smoothness. In other words, that youthful look that we spend so much time and money trying to obtain can be achieved through BroadBand Light.

An additional bonus of BBL is minimal recovery time. Some swelling and redness may occur, but typically that subsides by the following day. The actual procedure itself is fairly quick as well. Depending on the size of the skin area being treated, and the seriousness of the condition, most BBL treatments last between a few minutes to a half hour at the most.

BroadBand Light is just one of the many anti-aging and skin care renewal procedures that Reflections at St. Luke’s offers, in order to provide you with most innovative treatment, advanced medical facility, and life-changing results. From the initial consultation, to the aftercare diagnosis, we are committed to providing exceptional and individualized care because your comfort and concerns are our number one priority.
It doesn’t matter what your current age is. Even a 70-year-old can have younger looking skin after just a few BBL treatments.