Skin Tightening

Avé Medical Laser Spa Venus Freeze and Jowl Tightening.

Venus Freeze Skin Tightening

We are extremely excited to introduce the Venus Freeze to Iowa! With this revolutionary technology you achieve visible results without surgery or downtime. The safe and effective treatments are warm and comfortable, often being compared to the feeling of a heated blanket or a hot stone massage!


Comment from Dr. Hicks

I had one side of my jowl treated once before we bought this laser. It was a ”baby treatment” and I didn’t think much of it. However after a few months I could pinch each side of my jowls and the treated side was way firmer and I could pinch much less!!! This amazing result has held over the last 2+ years – I would like to get my whole face and jowls treated but for now I can show this result to our clients and let them see the difference in tightness!


The (MP)2 technology allows for faster coverage than other similar applications. Treatment is up to 4 times faster, requiring only 12-30 minutes for facial or neck services, and up to only 40 minutes for the body.