S-Lift (mini-face lift) & ProLipo of the Chin

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Why ProLipo PLUS and S-Lift?

Combination of ProLipo PLUS™ and a mini face-lift gives you the best combination to achieve a youthful face and neck.

  • Performed under local anesthesia in our office
  • ProLipo PLUS™ combines two laser wavelengths to remove fat under your neck and firm the skin
  • Mini face-lift restores the deeper tissues to give you a more youthful contour of the neck
  • Significantly reduced bruising and swelling
  • Supports your active lifestyle
  • Results last much longer than fillers or ProLipo PLUS™ when used alone

So what is an S-Lift?

The mini face-lift is also referred to as an S-lift, or short incision face-lifts due to the shape and smaller size of the incision. Dr. Hicks can perform this procedure under local anesthesia while you are awake.

The incision is hidden behind the natural curves of the ear called the tragus, so that no scars are visible. The muscle layer is tightened, but not dissected, and this minimizes post-operative bruising and swelling. This procedure is ideal for professionals and those with tight schedules, and recovery is usually a few days.


  • Less invasive

  • Quicker recovery time

  • No need for general anaesthetic

  • Lower cost to patient

  • Can be combined with other procedures for maximum results

  • Fewer complications and risks