Medical Grade vs. Over-the-Counter Skincare Products

So, What's the Difference?

Determining where to invest your money when it comes to skincare can be overwhelming and frustrating with all of the options available. You want results, but you also don’t want to break your bank… so what’s the truth about medical grade products and what are you really getting when you buy over-the-counter products? A simple way to understand the difference is to think about a cold medicine sold at the local pharmacy versus an antibiotic that has been prescribed to you by a doctor. The cold medicine might relieve some of your symptoms, but you will not be cured until you are treated with the right medication. The same goes for over-the-counter products that simply sit on the top layer of your skin, while medical grade products are formulated to penetrate deeply into the various layers of your skin and get to down to the root of the problem. Get the facts below.

Known for their high concentration of active ingredients, medical grade skincare products are formulated to reach the deepest levels of the skin to help skin cell turn over, collagen, and elastin productions, which reduce fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne scarring, and problematic areas. Through years invested in clinical research, these products have been scientifically proven to work. Medical grade products are developed with extensive research to find sufficient amounts of the active ingredient that will be most effective in making real changes to your skin.

Typically, the higher amount of ingredient equates to better results; however, a medical professional is necessary to ensure that you are using a proper amount based on your skin’s needs. The FDA regulates medical grade products, and they require, by law, that all products contain 99.9 percent pure active ingredients. Additionally, there must be scientific evidence that the skincare product is beneficial and does what it advertises. For OTC products, this is not the case. Medical grade products will guarantee the transformation of your skin.


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